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Sacred Sterling

At Sacred Sterling, we bypass the tourist silver shops on the main road and the local “pasars” (markets), and go straight the village siversmiths to have our beautiful jewelry designs manufactured. This enables us to be highly competitive – both on quality and price – as well as enabling us to pass more profit on to the local Balinese people.

Sten Hauglund, one of the founding partners of Sacred Silver has lived in Central Bali, the region where most of the Island’s silver jewelry is actually manufactured, well over 20 years, and has developed many relationships that are mutually beneficial to Sacred Silver’s business and the Balinese culture.

Silversmithing in Bali

Balinese silversmithing has a long and rich history, in which the craft is passed form one generation to another. Our main philosophy, whether in design and production of their unique silver jewelry pieces, or in the teaching of their students, is simplicity. Sacred Sterling strives to make beautiful, wearable and comfortable jewelry using the most basic hand tools.

Our methodology of silver smithing differs little from that of Balinese silversmiths 100 or more years ago. By keeping things simple, we strive to preserve a little piece of Balinese culture through our work. By learning with this methodology in our classes, our students are able to continue exploring silver making well after their experience with us, by purchasing only a few hand tools.

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